Next in Q – Episode 4: Aimen Dean – A British Spy out of Al Qaeda

30th October 2018

Tune in to the new Quilliam International podcast with your host David Toube in conversation with Aimen Dean.

“So… there was a choice between either the British, the Americans or the French. As far as the Americans were concerned… my defection took place around December 1998, and in August 1998, I was just lucky to escape with my life from a cruise missile attack by the Americans against the camps… So I thought basically that it would be extremely difficult to work with people who just a few months ago pressed the button, trying to kill me. So I thought, ‘forget the Americans’.

As far as the French were concerned, basically, it meant that I would have to learn another language – a language I don’t like the sound of at all…not to mention that the French are rude, and aloof and arrogant…”

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