Next In Q: Video Podcast – People of the Book: An Interfaith Dialogue

11th February 2019

Dr Usama Hasan has co-written a fascinating trialogue which explores the role of scripture in illuminating the lives of Jews, Christians and Muslims. The resultant work, People of the Book: An Interfaith Dialogue about How Jews, Christians and Muslims Understand Their Sacred Scriptures, can be purchased at Amazon (US and UK).

To mark the launch of this book, the three authors took part in a panel discussion which explored some of the key themes of their discussion. The participants are:

The podcast touches on a few of the themes of the book:

“Taking a deeper look at the wide range of theological, political and social issues that divide (and sometimes unite) their religions, they reveal how inspiration and guidance can be drawn not only on life’s big questions such as sin and the afterlife, but also on societal issues including war, suffering, marriage and justice.”

Watch the discussion, below:

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