Shamima Begum: Victim or Villain?

24th February 2019

I think the Handmaid’s Tale is a perfect analogy that could help us understand where to place the ISIS bride Shamima Begum in the scales of sympathy or condemnation. Was she June? The kidnapped female victim who’s sole purpose, along with many others like her, is to be repeatedly raped for the purpose of being impregnated by the religiously fantastical commanders of the ultra conservative republic of Gilead! Or was she Aunt Lydia, the formidable enforcer who thought she was doing God’s work by keeping those “slave girls” in line? Or was she Serena, the childless wife of a Gilead commander who see those women like June as nothing more than a “womb on two legs”?

I must say that I’m still struggling to determine if Shamima is a June (Victim), a Serena (Ruthless Fanatic) or an Aunt Lydia (Brutal Enforcer)

I’m sure she’s no June, she’s no victim, she was not kidnapped and when she arrived to ISIS territory she was not held against her will! She was just too happy to assume her role as dutiful ISIS bride!

Was she a Serena? Yes, for sure
Was she an Aunt Lidya? Maybe, possibly, I would even say very likely.

You see, based on my understanding of the working of ISIS society, the ISIS wives, especially the foreign ones, where drafted in mass to work for the female branch of ISIS religious police. These female squads were brutal in their oppressions of kidnapped slave girls and local women who detested ISIS harsh application of the Sharia rules.

It’s well documented how Asian British, French Algerian and Belgian Moroccan women of ISIS used to beat Yazidi and Christian Syrian/Iraqi slave girls and how they staffed the prisons that kept many females that ISIS deemed “apostates and heretics” where they were subjected to unimaginable cruelty at the hands of those “ISIS female enforcers”.

I do not possess hard evidence that Shamima was an ISIS enforcer, but given her fanatical devotion to ISIS, that even when heavily pregnant she continued to remain loyal until the last few acres of land they possessed, indicate that she may have been an enforcer. Her language, statements and psychopathic state of mind doesn’t reassure either.

In my opinion Shamima is a combination of Serena and Aunt Lydia. And I find this most unsettling.

Does she deserve our sympathy? Only if you think that a combination of Serena and Aunt Lydia deserves our sympathy! In which case I suggest you seek help for you may suffer from a common condition called (Naivetus), it can be cured by combination of facts, perspective and some dose of reality.

Aimen Dean was a founding member of al-Qaeda. In 1998, he began to provide information to MI6.