Next in Q Episode 9: Tania Joya – Jihaders Wives

3rd April 2019

Tune in to a new episode of Quilliam’s ‘Next in Q’ podcast with your host Quilliam International’s US Executive Director, Dr Muhammad Fraser-Rahim in conversation with Tania Joya, former Islamist discussing growing up in East London, immersed in its Islamist subculture. When ISIS declared a Caliphate, why travelling to join it seemed the natural next step for her.

“In Barking, Essex, my friends belonged to different groups. I had Salafi, Wahabi type friends, I had Hizb ut Tahir type friends, Al Muhajiroun friends.

They were the group that I was interested in being friends with, because I thought:  “Good conservative Muslim girls – they’re going to have a good influence on me”. At that stage in my life, when I was 17, 18, I was really looking for an identity. I had a longing to please God. Because previously, in Harrow, I’d been living a very un-Islamic life, and I needed to redeem myself.

So, these were the girls I turned to. But they were very radical. They taught me about Bin Laden. He wasn’t somebody I knew about, growing up. My Bengali parents were not familiar with him. But my Pakistani and Algerian friends thought he was a hero.”

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