Next in Q Podcast Episode 10 – Tania Joya: Jihad with a Seaside Riad

11th April 2019

Tune in to a new episode of Quilliam’s ‘Next in Q’ podcast with your host Quilliam International’s US Executive Director, Dr Muhammad Fraser-Rahim who continues his conversation with Tania Joya, former Islamist and ISIS bride. When ISIS declared a Caliphate, Tania’s (former) husband moved her and the children to the Middle East, and eventually Syria. Now a secular humanist, She describes the journey, and her escape.

“And when I got there, I just burst out crying because it was like, oh my God, you’ve brought me to a place that’s like Afghanistan. It was so primitive. I felt like I was in the Wild West. I was surrounded by nomadic people and billboard pictures of Osama Bin Laden. The electricity only worked for half a day and, ugh, it was just – traumatic! Hated it!

But I did get my villa by the Mediterranean sea. That was nice. But the weather was cold so we couldn’t swim or anything. It was freezing cold.
And, you know, he always promised me maids, because I like having maids and nannies. But we couldn’t even find a maid who could clean properly. They come over to my house and made it worse, and I had to teach them how to clean.

So, anyway, that was really frustrating. And I couldn’t make friends.”

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