Free Webinar – Reinterpreting the Islamic Penal Code: Abolition of Hudood and the Struggle against Islamism

1st May 2020

Quilliam International is holding a webinar with Sheikh Dr. Usama Hasan and Maajid Nawaz on our latest report, “Reinterpreting the Islamic Penal Code“.

Following the announcement of the Saudi government that it will end flogging as a form of punishment, the report is intended to explain the fit between a proper reading of contemporary Islamic jurisprudence and modern human rights law.

We will be holding a webinar at 6 pm on Tuesday 5 May 2020 with co-author  of the report and Advisory Board Member, Imam Dr Usama Hasan in conversation with Maajid Nawaz.

Join us for a fascinating discussion on the theology, jurisprudence and politics of this vexed issue by clicking on this link at that time.

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Imam Dr Usama Hasan 
holds an MA, MSc & PhD in Theoretical Physics and Artificial Intelligence from the universities of Cambridge and London. He also has traditional certification (ijaza) in the Qur’an, Hadith and other Islamic studies from mainly Salafi scholars of the UK, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.  He has served as a Muslim community activist, student leader and imam around the UK and abroad since 1983. He has served as Senior Researcher, Head of Islamic Studies and Advisory Board member at Quilliam since 2008.

Maajid Nawaz
 is a counter-extremist, author of RADICAL and co-author of ‘Islam and the Future of Tolerance,’  a columnist, broadcaster and founding chairman of Quilliam International. He is recognised for his lively debate and fearless approach in calling out all manner of bigotry.

Having served four years as an Amnesty International adopted ‘prisoner of conscience’ in Egypt, Maajid is now a leading critic of his former Islamist ideological dogma, while remaining a secular liberal Muslim.