2nd February 2021

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On January 31st 2021 the Guardian (via their Sunday paper the Observer) continued its descent into a left-wing tabloid ‘cancel culture’ by dedicating an entire smear piece against me, in what is best described as part of a targeted harassment campaign.

“LBC declined to comment on Nawaz’s position at the station…O’Brien, who opposes conspiracy theories, was also not prepared to comment on his colleague’s broadcasts or on the station’s position”
I believe that the Guardian failed in what they sought to achieve here: seeking to force LBC’s hand to dismiss their only full time ethnic-minority broadcaster, all while preaching the virtue of empowering minority voices in public life.

Aside from the sheer hypocrisy at play – for that is really about putting on ‘minstrel shows’ for corporate cover – the fact that the Guardian admit in their own article to involving my place of work to target me should be enough to raise alarm bells across the board. The damage this national newspaper sought to do by such targeted harassment is serious enough to warrant a response. But the response must be so robust that it leaves you in absolutely no doubt just how sinister a campaign this was. So that is what I shall now set out to do.

Read on, for you will be astonished at the sheer lack of factual and journalistic integrity at display, even by the Guardian’s recently lacklustre standards.

On Lockdowns:

A key part of the Guardian’s assault against me revolves around my known stance against lockdowns. They wrote that I have “alarmed former admirers and academics with interest in conspiracy theories about the lockdown…”

Good job that I don’t do my thinking in order to merely please “admirers and academics” then.

My stance on lockdowns has been abundantly clear. Covid is real. But when applying holistic thinking, lockdowns kill more than they save, and cause more harm than they do good. Disagree with that all you like, but for once engage with the message rather than shooting the messenger, or forever hold your peace. Nobody, let alone a Professor on the alternative SAGE committee such as Gabriel Scally, should insult anybody using the word “stupid” live on air ( for holding my view.

Those who insult me first, and only read me later, are driven at that moment by something darker than a desire to follow the evidence. For I have repeatedly provided the evidence base for my view and posted it publicly. It is not hard to find. According to Professor Philip Thomas at Bristol University the “average lives lost comes to 560,000..greater than the UK’s military and civilian losses in the Second World War… (Covid deaths are) less than 10% of the [equivalent] loss of life by..prolonged lockdown”

Indeed, criticism of lockdowns is gaining more momentum as the days spent in this waste of a policy turn to weeks and months. “Dr. Ari Joffe is a specialist in pediatric infectious diseases at the Stollery Children’s Hospital… Clinical Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at University of Alberta.. finds the harms of lockdowns are 10 times greater than their benefits”

In a peer reviewed Stanford University study “evaluating COVID-19 responses around the world found that mandatory lockdown orders early in the pandemic *may not provide significantly more benefits* to slowing the spread of the disease than other voluntary measures”

Such is the shift occurring in public opinion around this that only days before the Guardian piece was published, 54% of (the usually quite liberal) students at Cambridge Union voted in line with Chair of the 1922 Committee Sir Graham Brady, Brexiter Richard Tice and Free speech campaigner Toby Young in a motion asserting that lockdown was a mistake

Even the former head of David Cameron’s Policy Unit at Downing Street, Baroness Camilla Cavendish has questioned the civil liberties aspect of lockdowns: “I (feel)..unease at how readily much of society has accepted rolling restrictions & how so many people have shouted down attempts to question the strategy”

Some conspiracy theory.

At this stage, when my interlocutors invariably realise that they had perhaps rushed to dismiss something that is in fact evidence-based, they pivot to asking ‘what is the alternative’? Well, a national lockdown costs the UK £2.4 billion day ( That’s £72 billion a month. Could not those funds be invested instead towards helping with effective shielding of the vulnerable, setting up more reliable testing, building NHS capacity, investing in personal protective equipment (PPE) and research and development in vaccines and medicine? We already have a one model indicating that a 6.4% drop in GDP will causes more death than Covid itself ( Makes sense, no?

Except for those who have stopped seeking truth, instead seeking to signal to their tribe.

China’s pro-lockdown propaganda:

Another accusation levied against me in the piece was as follows:

“This month Nawaz also signed an open letter to the FBI and other western intelligence organisations urging them to investigate whether Covid-19 lockdowns are a “global fraud”, designed to impoverish the west by the Chinese Communist party.”

Yes. Along with US General Spalding and a handful of others, I signed this long and fully referenced open letter
( warning against the Chinese Communist Party’s pro-lockdown propaganda efforts.

Except it appears that for the Guardian at least, asking investigative agencies to follow a serious lead is somehow now a ‘conspiracy theory’. Such a premise would place every detective out of business. The absurd part of this is that such a concern has already been widely reported. The Times of London had reported only days prior “China aims to beat West in Covid vaccination race and establish new world order…China has declared that it is in a race to ‘reshape the global structure’ and that it must become the first country to fully inoculate its people”

Many articles referencing how we are targeted by the Chinese Communist Party’s pro-lockdown propaganda, such as this one for Tablet magazine by Michael Senger (–FIbK0g7sMN-HSEOkQARKvRB3uA2nXlXG6uwgAk7yk), have been published and are readily available for all to read.

Beyond that (which should be obvious to all who think in geo-security terms) and as reported by the ASPI think tank ( “A study conducted by the European Union shows that China has used state-owned media outlets and social media to spread disinformation on Covid-19 in an attempt to discredit Western nations and to bolster its own reputation…it’s not yet clear whether the Biden administration understands the full extent of China’s willingness to protect & defend CCP narratives. Part of the administration’s learning curve will be to comprehend the magnitude of & counter China’s disinformation campaigns on all fronts..the Chinese Communist Party under Xi Jinping’s leadership forcefully guards official narratives against critical commentary…”

What a shame that we appear to have succumbed to ‘forcefully guarding official narratives’ in Western media now, too.

Suspected Wuhan Lab Origins of Covid-19

Another own goal for the Guardian comes in the following form:

“Last week Nawaz also challenged Facebook to explain why it had marked one of his posts as false. He had drawn attention to allegations that America’s chief medical adviser to the president, Dr Anthony Fauci, had invested in the Wuhan laboratory suspected by some of leaking the virus into the human population. The wild allegations about Fauci – for which there is no evidence..”

Yes, I did challenge Facebook. Have we all of a sudden forgotten just how insidious an influence Facebook interfering in politics and speech can be? What happened to your Russia collusion accusations, Guardian? Not a conspiracy theory?

The truth is that the suspected Wuhan lab origins of Covid-19 is now the predominant working thesis for intelligence officials and experts. As Newsweek has reported in an article penned by one Jamie Metzl, Atlantic Council Fellow, World Health Organisation (WHO) advisor and the former Deputy Staff Director of the Foreign Relations Committee for then Senator Biden ( “US intelligence reports..Chinese..Army was conducting secret animal research with highly contagious viruses at the Wuhan Institute..even after the pandemic”.

Here is Jamie Metzl on video for my LBC show explaining exactly this only a few days before the Guardian’s smear against me (

In fact, Newsweek ran a prior piece specifically naming Dr Fauci as being involved in these lab experiments in Wuhan and cited how over “200 scientists called for the work to be halted. The that it increased the likelihood that a pandemic would occur through a laboratory accident”

Such are the shameful tactics employed by the Guardian that they didn’t even add my own words when protesting Facebook’s decision to “fact check” me. I had explained clearly why their post was wrong in the same paragraph (

Where I specifically state: “Your ‘independent fact-checkers’ have all cited outdated articles, which are since contradicted by formal US intelligence sources, as the Newsweek article itself notes. See the State Department factsheet here: (

And as the UK’s Sky News reported here: (

After all this, for the Guardian to claim that there is no evidence for any such working thesis is not only false, it is wilfully false. This is because they cited a video that I posted by David Cameron’s former Downing Street advisor Steve Hilton, which contains an abundance of evidence for anyone who’s bothered to watch it before ignorantly shouting off (

The US elections and Trump:

In what is probably their most absurd stance against me among a litany of weak lines, the Guardian states that “After the US presidential election, Nawaz tweeted a series of claims that fraud had taken place”.

This is simply and factually false.

In fact, I have explicitly and repeatedly clarified my beliefs that the fact that the president was claiming fraud, makes it a story worth commenting on. And I explicitly stated on multiple occasions the following meaning (
“How can descriptive commentary that has been realised to date, be wrong ex post facto?”.
In other words, I was predicting what Trump would do next and then commenting on his decisions without prejudice.

Here I explain again (

“I’ve not done anything but explain the constitutional procedures team Trump will take ahead of time (and been proven right) without openly taking sides on the merits of the fraud claims”.
There is not much more to say about this particular claim, apart from just how disingenuous it really is.

Antifa involvement in the Capitol seige:

The Guardian stated:

“Following the attack on the US Capitol, Nawaz retweeted false claims that it was antifa, or anti-fascist groups, who orchestrated the raid, rather than Trump supporters”

This is also simply false.

I did not say that Antifa “orchestrated the raid rather than Trump supporters”. It is simply factually untrue. And worst of all for the Guardian, I had already posted the evidence for all to see on my social feeds.

Here is what I said, word for word:

“As the evidence became available, I was proven right. Remember when I said it was *difficult to ignore* reports that some Antifa were also involved in storming the Capitol?
Well.. BLM activist Jake Sullivan was arrested (

In the video below he is heard with a freelance CNN journo celebrating the siege (

I then went on to clarify that:
“None of this is to deny that Trump supporters were also involved’

And I continued:
“Here is the original tweet they tried to burn me at the stake for (as well as calling me a “conspiracy theorist” – which is the new “transphobe”, which is the new “racist”, which is the new “Islamophobe” aka: let’s try to shut down all reasonable conversation (

And I continued naming someone else who was arrested…
“Aaron Mostofsky, 34, is the son of Kings County Supreme Court Judge Steven Mostofsky, who also goes by Shlomo. Records show Aaron Mostofsky is a registered Democrat” (

And then I quoted New York City’s 40th Police Commissioner, Bernard B. Kerik
( who said:
“#antifa planning Capitol assault… for those that said #antifa and #BLM weren’t involved, This appears to refute that.”

And then I posted the following about another person arrested for the raid:
“He trained in Syria in 2017 with the YPG, was featured on VICE, and in 2020 participated in the CHAZ insurrection in Seattle, per DOJ documents” (

Dear dear Guardian, you are looking a bit silly now aren’t you?

Secretary Pompeo:
The Guardian decided to pull me up on my citing a fact, by saying:
“On 12 January Nawaz responded to a wild conspiracy theory about US secretary of state Mike Pompeo tweeting regularly every 30 minutes”

No. I did not respond to anything apart from the fact that Secretary Pompeo was indeed tweeting every 30 minutes.

On January 11th I openly asked (
“30 minutes on the dot. Again, about China. Has anyone ever seen a previous Secretary of State tweet every 30 mins about one country like this?”

Because he was posting every 30 minutes. Everyone who followed him saw this.

Some conspiracy.


Considering the above, it should come as no surprise that trust in media is at an all time low.
“For the first time ever fewer than half of all Americans have trust in traditional media”

And yet, oblivious to everything that is going on around them, mainstream media simply keeps on doubling-down and blaming everyone else but themselves. It is so bad that public trust in all British institutions was actually surveyed to have gone up last summer during the pandemic, in all except our media.

No serious media colleague should ignore or dismiss this as a mere blip. Polling for Sky News showed incredibly low levels of trust in journalists among the public as 72% said that they do not trust newspapers on the issue of Coronavirus, while only just 17% did. Further, 64% said that they did not trust TV journalists on the issue of Coronavirus, while only just 24% said that they did (

As should by now be clear, in their smears against me, the Guardian didn’t even make any effort to hide the fact that they hadn’t done their research properly. This article was apparently nothing better than a commissioned and targeted hatchet-job, designed to spread a lie before the truth even had a chance to escape from its bolt hole. In doing this, the Guardian relied openly on citing my tweets and explicitly stated that my LBC show was not as worrying:
“but now a string of controversial and potentially harmful tweets is prompting further questions”
“There seems to be a difference between the Nawaz we can hear on LBC and the one we might follow on Twitter,’ said Prof Matthew Feldman”

How curious then that – while claiming it is my tweets that they follow – they contacted my place of work at LBC radio in attempt to learn LBC’s “position” on my continuing to work there (read: sought to have me dismissed).

In addition, every single reference I have cited above, responding to their false and inaccurate claims in detail, is sourced directly back to articles and clarifications that I had already posted… on my Twitter feed. Yes, that same feed that they said they were reading. Just go back and click all the links. They all lead back to my twitter account from where you will see the articles. The answers were there all along for them to check.

So why are they doing this? The modern metropolitan “left” (read: corporatists) have become obsessed with criticising uppity minorities while fawning over terrorists and tyrants. Here is the Guardian republishing al-Qaeda founder Osama Bin Laden in their paper:
“My message is to urge jihad to repulse the grand plots hatched against our nation”

Yes, you read that correctly.

And here ( is the Guardian’s former Comments Editor, Corbynite, communism-apologist Seamus Milne, who has argued how we’ve misunderstood how Stalin was not as bad as Hitler.

And so despite this soft spot for tyrants and terrorists alike, the Guardian regularly targets liberal Muslims such as me, who refuse to ‘stay on script’ for the woke ‘minstrel show’ they demand we perform. Such is this harassment that their Reader’s Editor has previously censured his own paper for taking an unfair “swipe” at me.

And here the Guardian US was forced to retract for continuing this obsession against me from across the Atlantic (

The laziness and sheer lack of professionalism on display here should worry you all. It should worry you because it reveals something far worse: arrogance and a sense of impunity. I have weathered such storms before, and have survived far, far worse. But what happens when this witch hunting corporate-funded ‘cancel culture’ comes for you next, perhaps on the trans debate, or on the racism debate, or indeed on the Islamophobia debate?

They *always* think it will never come for them.

The Guardian concluded their article by stating:
“Nawaz…denies that he has been drawn into conspiracy theory rhetoric and has threatened the Observer with legal action’.
After reading the above, are you surprised – in any way – that I did?

When even the professor of evidence-based medicine at Oxford University Carl Heneghan feels forced to appear on media to state that his colleagues are “too scared to come forward”
( to offer their expert scientific views that diverge from the established pandemic narrative, that they feel intimidated, alarm bells should start ringing.

Many have become sick and tired of how some who pose as news journalists and researchers have become bullies and agenda-driven hacks, seeking to smear their opponents using the powerful platforms they have been blessed with, while sniggering among ‘in-group’ chat groups and echo-chambers at the poisoned fruits of their labour, as if they are somehow contributing to enlightenment. The issue is now out of control, and must be reigned in. Such is the intensity of mainstream media’s Covid-fever that all sense of basic journalist curiosity and professionalism is at risk of being lost, causing irrevocable damage to free speech, self-censorship, a sense of shared knowledge and public trust.

And I think it already has.