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Why should anyone take Yosef Mizrachi seriously?

The impending visit of Yosef Mizrachi, the widely condemned extremist preacher, to the UK, has already run into trouble with the speedy cancellation of two public appearances after widespread protests. There is a view often expressed about Mizrachi, particularly by the religiously knowledgeable, that he is, essentially a joke. Not a funny one, considering the

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The Extremism of Clowns and Fools

The man described by the Jewish News as the “Rabbi of Hate”, Yosef Mizrachi, has been planning a visit to the UK. No doubt he hoped that the universal condemnation that he attracted from everyone from Chief Rabbi Mirvis to the National Autistic Society in 2016 has died down enough to allow him to sidle

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Haredi communities need a vision for a sustainable future

In a recent piece in the JC, Jonathan Boyd, the director of Jewish Policy Research, argues that haredi (ultra-orthodox) Jewish communities are growing compared to other parts of the community. He also argues that a wider engagement with society is critical. I agree. But not unlike the Melanie Phillips piece that he mentions, Boyd is

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