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Mufti Abdullah Patel on the Tory Leadership Debate

The Conservative candidates debate last night was a predictably dreary affair: reminiscent of a Freshers’ Week event at the Oxford Union Society. At the end of the hour’s viewing pretty much every prejudice that the population of this country might hold about politicians in general would have been amply reinforced. There has been some comment

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A Question of Tone

Over a decade ago, I spent some time cataloguing the various hate preachers and dubious meetings taking place at the East London Mosque and the activities of the associated Jamaat-e-Islami aligned Islamic Forum Europe. A number of my pieces considered the conduct of a particular IFE activist, who was given to making especially inflammatory statements.

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Kingston University and Suicide Bombers

In 2003, Asif Hanif – Britain’s first jihadist suicide bomber – murdered three people at Mike’s Bar in Tel Aviv. He had attended Kingston University. This week, a second alumnus of Kingston University, Abdul Lathief Jameel Mohamed, committed a horrifyingly bloody massacre in Sri Lanka. A significant number of takfiri jihadist terrorists have passed through

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Public-funding-of-the-East-London-Mosque-to-2011 PALESTINE CAMPUS EVENTS

New Zealand Massacre: White Nationalist Iconography and Ideology

The manifesto and the gun decorations displayed by Brenton Tarrant, the man arrested for the horrifying massacre of scores of worshippers at two New Zealand mosques, are steeped in the iconography of the neo Nazi far Right. This is a deliberate choice: the purpose of the attack is to spread these ideas. Many readers will

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What to do about Shamima Begum

A shorter version of this article originally appeared in the Mail on Sunday. Aimen Dean is, arguably, the greatest British hero since World War II. Originally from Saudi Arabia, he went to fight jihad in Bosnia at the tender age of fifteen. Within a few years, he had become a fully-fledged member of Al Qaeda,

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The Salman Rushdie Fatwa: My Radicalisation

Thirty years ago, I was a young law student at Southampton University. I was in my second year of study and was beginning to be ‘radicalised’, as it were. University was my first experience of politics. Student politics is an odd beast. Most people – normal people, that is – don’t really spend their time

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It is not just Brexit that feeds the UK’s far right

This article originally appeared on CNN The deep social and political divisions exposed by the UK’s Brexit vote present both an opportunity for the British far right — as well as being a challenge to it. Indeed, only this week, Neil Basu the head of London’s Metropolitan Police’s counterterrorism operations, said that Brexit had the “potential

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The Depressing Saga of the Holocaust Exhibition in Golders Green

The story of those non-Jews – including Muslims – who put their lives on the line during the Holocaust to save their Jewish friends and neighbours is one of the few luminous points in one of the darkest periods of human history. Ironically, although not unexpectedly, an attempt to retell that story has handed an

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Jews, the British Labour Party, and How We Fell Out

This is the text of a speech that I delivered to the Society of Czech Jewish Academics I would like to start with an observation that would not, now, shock anybody at all in the United Kingdom, but which genuinely surprised British Jews who were active in Left wing politics. Whereas in most of Western Europe,

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