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Manchester University Press criticised for publishing book linked to Islamist advocacy group

David Toube, policy director of the extremism think tank Quilliam, said Cage has a “long and disturbing track record of rallying support for dangerous terrorists”, adding it was a “slap in the face” for the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing that Manchester University’s publishing house is publishing the book.” Haras Rafiq, also of Quilliam

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Press watchdog’s offshoot funds website accused of publishing conspiracy theories about terror attacks

David Toube, Quilliam’s director of policy said: ‘It is unimpressive that the [PINF] panel did not conduct appropriate due diligence in advance of the award… to avoid this embarrassing mistake.’

Fitting the Narrative: The Perils of Jumping to Conclusions

In the aftermath of an attack, I have argued, there is often a virtue in saying nothing until the facts emerge. Within the hours, days, and sometimes weeks following a killing, what we know about the case is often uncertain, and may well change radically. That will not always be the case. We knew a

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The Virtue of Saying Nothing

What are we to say about the murder of three friends, having a drink on a pleasant afternoon, in Reading, by a Libyan called Khairi Saadallah? It is a feature of 24 hour news culture, and the punditry that sustains it, that following any terrorist attack there is a rush to offer a “hot take”. There

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Comedians, sceptics and dissenters will be targeted by Scotland’s proposed “stirring up hatred” offence

You might have missed it in all the recent excitement, but last month, Scotland introduced legislation to abolish its antiquated and rarely used blasphemy law. That’s good news. Blasphemy laws are incompatible with freedom of belief and expression. We might describe blasphemy – politely – as “robust doctrinal disagreement”: and it is the reason that

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The Islamist Associations of Trevor Phillips’ Accusers

At the end of April, Trevor Phillips was the subject of a letter calling for him to be removed from an inquiry by Public Health England into the apparently disproportionate mortality rates suffered by members of minority groups from infection by the muCOVID 19 virus. A number of these groups whose names appear on this

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Trevor Phillips and the MCB: The Case Against Governmental Re-Engagement

Trevor Phillips, the founding chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, has been suspended by the Labour party on allegations of ‘Islamophobia’. The charge sheet can be read here. It includes his mockery of a pressure group which calls itself the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) for nominating him as “Islamophobe of the Year”

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Black Hebrew Israelites Turn to Antisemitic Terrorism

“Black Hebrew Israelite” is a term that is applied to a range of groups, whose origins lie in the great late 19th century flourishing of new religious movements which include the Nation of Islam. Just as the Nation of Islam is defined by its heterodox take on Islam, the Black Hebrew Israelites syncretise aspects of

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How Britain Failed To Stop Usman Khan

We now know that the London Bridge terrorist, Usman Khan, was “a student and personal friend” of the Al Muhajiroun leader, Anjem Choudary. Following his conviction for terrorist offences, he served six years in prison. As Hannah Stuart, Head of Research at the Commission for Countering Extremism, noted in 2017, a high percentage of British

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The Perils of Mainstreaming Islamism: Sahar Al-Faifi and Plaid Cymru

In our paper for the Commission for Countering Extremism,  Mainstreaming Islamism: Islamist institutions and civil society organisations, published last month, we considered the energy that Islamist organisations devote to forming links with mainstream institutions, and the risks that those bodies run when they create such relationships. One of the focuses of our paper was the

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