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History will damn us for our apathy towards migrants

In the garden of the Righteous Among Nations in Jerusalem, a memorial to the gentiles who helped Jews during the Holocaust, the smell of pine fills the air and the sun dapples the white stone plaques, engraved with thousands of names. One of those Righteous, Gustav Schrӧder, the captain of the ship St Louis, ferried

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Muziqa Mizrahit in the Arab World

Sometimes at the restaurant which I work at, we play our own music on the speakers, and I’m usually the DJ. The mix tends to go through a plethora of rap, raï, R’n’B and whatever else is on my phone. I also have a significant collection of Israeli music on my phone but I have Arab

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The Quilliam Winter Gala: In Review

In a whirl of glitz and glamour, Quilliam International’s Winter Gala brought together hundreds of people with the same interest at heart: promoting solidarity between communities. The guests were greeted in the Ladies’ Smoking Room in the Renaissance Hotel, where they were able to see a number of items for sale at auction, and to

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