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Burning of Haskallic literature in Brooklyn, NY

The author of the text that is to be burnt was written by Naphtali Hirz Wessely: an 18th century Maskil. He was fully committed to traditional observance and belief, but advocated for widening the Jewish curriculum to include secular studies. His views were essentially no different to those expressed by Rav Hirsch, who is accepted

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I am worried not by Chowdhury’s antisemitic comments – but by his divisive politics

There’s a petition going around requesting for Omar Chowdhury to resign from his post as BME Network Chair in the Bristol Student Union, following the antisemitic comments he made to me on Facebook last year. I want to offer my perspective on the matter. Omar has apologised to me and to the Jewish studentship in Bristol and

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My Autobiography: A Talk at the Liberal Jewish Synagogue, London – 20th of March 2019

Tonight’s theme is “transitioning to one’s authentic self”. I am not sure what an “authentic self” is and I definitely haven’t found mine yet. But I can tell you about my transition: a transition from chassidic yeshiva boy, to secular university student. My name is Izzy Posen. I am a second year physics and philosophy

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