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16 years on, the Iraq War was still the right choice

The 20th March marked the 16th anniversary of Iraq’s liberation from Saddam’s genocidal dictatorship. Yes, I call it liberation because Saddam was the Middle Eastern equivalent to Adolf Hitler. His Arab Socialist Baath Party waged wars against countries over territories that he considered part of a greater Iraq, namely Kuwait and Iran. Furthermore, his treatment

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With the war on ISIS coming to an end, the West must support the Kurds

Since February 9th of this year, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) began operations in the final enclave of ISIS in eastern Syria. The Battle of Baghuz Fawqani has taken longer than expected due to ISIS holding hundreds of prisoners, most of which are civilians that are being effectively used as human shields. With an

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Name-calling and the policing of language

Our society is entering the fourth decade of a cultural war that has centred around the use and misuse of language. In the 1980s, the locus of that battle was the avoidance of language perceived to be insulting or excluding towards those who lacked power or privilege: so-called ‘political correctness’. One side of the conflict

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