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Next in Q Podcast Episode 12 – Andrew Copson: A Cock & Bull Story

 Tune in to a new episode of Quilliam’s ‘Next in Q’ podcast with your host Quilliam International’s Director of Policy, David Toube, discusses the tricky question of the interface between private religious conservatism and secularism with Andrew Copson of Humanists UK. Religiously mandated slaughter methods and circumcision are two such crux points. Listen on

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ISIS bride Shamima Begum ‘was enforcer in morality police squad and sewed bombers into suicide vests’

Fresh claims about Shamima Begum’s life in Syria have emerged, with sources alleging the London teenager was a “member of the feared ISIS morality police”.

Isis plans to copy Paris atrocity with fresh wave of carnage

Computer files reveal the group plans to replicate previous attacks in a new campaign across Europe and the Middle East.

Islamic State launches global attacks

Islamic State claimed yesterday that it had carried out co-ordinated attacks in 80 cities around the world in recent days, its first terrorist “success” since the fall of the so-called caliphate last month.

Shamima Begum ‘given taxpayers’ money to fight for British citizenship’

Shamima Begum has been granted legal aid in a bid to fight the Home Office’s decision to remove her citizenship.

Eilidh MacLeod: Memorial to Manchester terror attack teenager

A sculpture is being created in memory of a teenager from the island of Barra who died in the Manchester Arena attack in 2017.

New law where clicking on terrorist propaganda once could mean 15 years in prison comes into force

Head of counterterror policing says there will not be an ‘explosion in arrests’

Britons going to terror hotspots face 10 years in jail under new laws

Legislation creates an offence of entering or remaining in a ‘designated area’ overseas

Going to extremes in fight against terror

A royal commission will inquire into the attacks on two mosques in New Zealand last month that killed 50 people, its prime minister has confirmed.

Police investigating role of UK officers in torture of al-Qaida suspect

Met looking at how much MI5 and MI6 knew of mistreatment of Abu Zubaydah after 9/11.