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Right-wing extremism has a long history in Australia

The first step in coming to terms with the attack in Christchurch is to understand that it has been produced by right wing extremism, both in Australia and internationally.

New Zealand bans ‘military-style’ semi-automatic weapons after mosque terror attack

The ban effectively comes into force immediately – six days after the massacre – and a buy-back scheme will compensate owners.

Newspapers help to radicalise far right, says UK anti-terror chief

Neil Basu criticises hypocrisy of mainstream news providers in wake of Christchurch attack.

Neo-Nazi terror suspect ‘entered Miss Hitler beauty contest’

Alice Cutter and her partner Mark Jones are accused of being members of the banned far-right National Action group.

Relatives of Christchurch mosque attacks bury their dead

New Zealand PM Ardern says 30 victims now identified and available to families for burial as first services begin.

Christchurch shootings: Jacinda Ardern calls for global anti-racism fight

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has called for a global fight to root out racist right-wing ideology following last week’s deadly attack on two mosques in Christchurch.

Why Europe is still fighting the war on terror

The number of large-scale terror attacks in Europe has declined since the memorable attacks in Paris in 2015, or the attacks on Brussels, Berlin, and Barcelona in the years that followed.

In New Zealand shooting aftermath, tech’s role in spreading extremism comes under scrutiny

Do the big platforms have an obligation to remove white supremacist content? Or would that give them even more power over speech and thought?

There are few Jews who won’t applaud UK’s ban on this appalling rabbi

Quilliam International’s Director of Policy, David Toube piece in The Jewish News on Yosef Mizrachi and why “There are few Jews who won’t applaud UK’s ban on this appalling rabbi.”

‘Sick kids have sinned’ rabbi banned from UK

Quiliam International’s Director of Policy, David Toube is quoted in this Jewish News piece on Yosef Mizrachi – “I applaud the Home Office’s decision and am proud the mainstream Jewish community has been united in its opposition to this man.”