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How the Far Right Weaponized Europe’s Interior Ministries to Block Refugees

Even when populist parties aren’t in the majority, they’ve found a way to make fast progress on their defining issue.

Lisa Smith: Suspected Isis member can return to Ireland with her child, Leo Varadkar says

Removing citizenship not the ‘right or compassionate thing to do,’ says Irish leader.

Why was a Neo-Nazi hooligan mourned at a football game in Germany?

A minute’s silence for a deceased fan at a fourth-division football match is causing controversy in the German state of Saxony and beyond. The fan in question was a well-known hooligan and far-right activist.

15th European Day of Remembrance of victims of terrorism

The European Commission has commemorated the 15th European Day of Remembrance for the victims of terrorism.

Shamima Begum was the victim of a cult – she needs help Lynne Wallis

Like other cults, Isis targets young people, it indoctrinates and desensitises them. It’s a process, not a lifestyle choice.

First British recruit to join Isis with suspected links to western kidnappings revealed as Londoner Hudaifa Elgerbouzi

Some of his fellow fighters knew him simply as ‘Red Beard’ because of his whiskery facial hair.

Once captives of Boko Haram, these students are finding new meaning in their lives in Pennsylvania

Of all the challenges faced by people who’ve been displaced, perhaps none is more important than to find new meaning in their lives.

Iraqi leader says foreign ISIL fighters may face death penalty

President Barham Salih says foreign ISIL fighters ‘will be tried’ under Iraqi law, Abu-Dhabi based newspaper reports.

MoD claim of one civilian death in Isis raids ridiculed

RAF says 4,315 Isis fighters were killed or injured in airstrikes and just one civilian.

U.S. Peace Talks With Taliban Trip Over a Big Question: What Is Terrorism?

Nearly 11 days after peace negotiations between the United States and the Taliban began with high hopes, it has become clear that any resolution to the 18-year war could be frustratingly slow.