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I buonisti vogliono cancellare gli attentati islamici e jihadisti

L’esperto di terrorismo Liam Duffy scrive sullo Spectator di aver partecipato all’incontro dicendosi rammaricato che «l’uso del termine islamismo sia stato inquadrato nell’attuale dibattito sulla razza» E c’è di più: secondo il centro studi Quilliam, citato dal Times, raccontare una verità parziale, edulcorata, rischia anche di sfilacciare il rapporto di fiducia tra polizia e cittadini.

Police consider dropping terms ‘Islamist terror’ or ‘jihadi’ because they ‘don’t help community relations’

But David Toube, of Quilliam, a counter-extremism think tank, told The Times: ‘People do not like to feel that they are being told only the partial truth … there is a serious problem with Islamist terrorism.

Police may drop term ‘Islamist’ when describing terror attacks

David Toube, of the counterextremism think tank Quilliam, who attended, told The Times: “People do not like to feel that they are being told only the partial truth . . . there is a serious problem with Islamist terrorism. The use of any term that obscures that fact risks damaging public trust in the police.”

In Somalia, Iran Is Replicating Russia’s Afghan Strategy

Muhammad Fraser-Raheem and Mo Fatah: “Iranian forces are supporting al-Shabab and allegedly offering bounties. The U.S. government must stop Tehran before it further destabilizes the Horn of Africa.”

Did police really quiz this student over a ‘free Palestine’ badge?

Prevent requires trust in order to be effective. The greatest threat to that trust comes from anecdotes of this type. Mohammadi’s case is not the only such example. Those who work in the Prevent programme will tell you that many of the cases which have made headlines are not all they seem. The Government is

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Manchester University Press criticised for publishing book linked to Islamist advocacy group

David Toube, policy director of the extremism think tank Quilliam, said Cage has a “long and disturbing track record of rallying support for dangerous terrorists”, adding it was a “slap in the face” for the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing that Manchester University’s publishing house is publishing the book.” Haras Rafiq, also of Quilliam

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Press watchdog’s offshoot funds website accused of publishing conspiracy theories about terror attacks

David Toube, Quilliam’s director of policy said: ‘It is unimpressive that the [PINF] panel did not conduct appropriate due diligence in advance of the award… to avoid this embarrassing mistake.’

Foreign adversaries, homegrown terrorist recruitment and black pain

Dr. Muhammad Fraser-Rahim and Dr. Carl Jensen: Our challenges have not gone unnoticed by our adversaries: international and domestic terrorist organizations along with foreign state actors that are only too eager to exploit our racial and societal rifts for their own benefit.

Waheed Saleem, disgraced official in Trojan horse scandal, given top police force role

Haras Rafiq, chief executive of the counterextremism organisation Quilliam, said: “We know extremism leads to terrorism. Outside London, Birmingham has the biggest terrorism and extremism problem in England. Is he really fit to be responsible for policing?”

How the far right is weaponising irony to spread anti-Muslim hatred

Quilliam International’s Director of Policy, David Toube features in the National piece by Federica Marsi explains how “hiding this ideology behind satirical images provides deniability to their mission.”