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Shamima Begum: Here’s what will happen to the Isis schoolgirl if she returns home to Britain

Quilliam International’s Director of Policy, David Toube, explains the case surrounding Shamima Begum – “Without prejudging the case there appears to be ample evidence on which she could be prosecuted. When Britons commit crimes in another country they must be prosecuted. She does appear to have admitted going to Syria to join Isis,” in the

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Former MI6 director says schoolgirl who joined Isis should be ‘given a chance’

Quilliam International’s Director of Policy, David Toube, describes Shamima Begum as “the hardest of hard cases”. “She appears to have expressed remorse only for the failure of the caliphate and its failure to live up to expectations. So she would be a very difficult person to de-radicalise in her current state of mind” in the

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Labour accused of ignoring IHRA antisemitism definition after dismissing two complaints with identical responses

Quilliam International’s Director of Policy, David Toube, explains how it is “now apparent that Labour’s claim to abide by the IHRA Definition is a barefaced lie” in this piece by Daniel Sugarman in the Jewish Chronicle.

Why Do Extremist Groups Thrive in Africa?

Quilliam International’s Executive Director, North America, Dr Muhammad Fraser-Rahim’s piece in the National Interest explores why Africa has increasingly become one of the most important emergent battlefields for extremists and for the United States and its allied partners to combat the threat by extremist groups.

It’s not just Brexit that feeds the UK’s far right

Quilliam International’s Director of Policy, David Toube, explains “Brexit itself is better understood as an issue that has focused an independent feeling of mistrust, rather than as its generator.”

Asia Bibi: British imams join calls for UK to give asylum

Asia Bibi: British Imams (including Quilliam International’s, Head of Islamic Studies, Dr Usama Hasan) join calls for the UK to give her asylum.

Labour invites notorious Islamic extremist to speak at anti-racism meeting

Quilliam International’s, Director of Policy, David Toube explains “It is essential that we all oppose extremism of all types, wherever it may come from” in this piece by Ben Lazarus.

Amazon scheme supports Islamist extremists

In this investigative Times piece by Andrew Norfolk, Quilliam International’s Chief Executive, Haras Rafiq, says Haitham al-Haddad is “prolific in spreading a hate-based interpretation and distortion of my religion”. The story examines why some charities have been let into the Amazon scheme ‘Amazon Smile’ despite warnings.

Terrorists being released from UK prisons could ‘slip through net’ and carry out attacks, government warned

Quilliam International’s Adam Deen explains that “Any criminal wants to get out of prison early and it’s no different with Islamist extremists, they will say anything,” discussing the growing number of terrorists being released from British prisons in this piece by Lizzie Dearden.

I’m not surprised most terror suspects in the UK are white – we’ve been expecting to see this change for a while

Quilliam International’s Researcher Muna Adil’s piece in the Independent discussing the latest figures from the Home Office that have shown the number of white suspected terrorists being arrested in the UK has overtaken the number of Asian terror suspects for the first time in over a decade.